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Powder coating brackets



Powder coating is the process of spraying an electrostatically charged mist of powder onto a fabrication (so that it adheres to it) and then curing the powder in an oven, so that the powder blends together to form one continuous plane similar in texture and feel to that of ceramic tiles. Also the same as textiles and metal spray paints, the powders can have the same finishes of matte, satin (semi-gloss) and gloss. Due to the process of curing the powder requiring high temperatures, the process is considered very expensive and should only be used on pieces where quality and durability is of the utmost importance.

As part of our ongoing commitments to our clients. Porfan Metalwork strives to upgrade and innovate in all manners of the metal fabrication industry. This year, Porfan Metalwork started work on an industrial oven for the curing of powder coats with the aim of passing savings onto clients. In future Porfan also hopes to expand the powder coating facility further in order to provide powder coating services for clients who are not having products fabricated in-house at Porfan Metalwork. (Due to be operational Q4 2016)