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Cast Iron Railings by Porfan Metalwork


Cast Iron is notorious for being a cheap and hard material that features on many London houses, but despite its strength, it is also very brittle and this makes it prone to breaking rather than deforming when a heavy knock is applied. Here at Porfan Metalwork we can provide you the latest technology to facilitate repairs, or we can use simple, cheap yet still effective methods for repairs which means that you won’t be breaking the bank. Most of our Cast Iron repairs have a one day turn-around so if you get in touch in the morning, we can usually get the repair finished before the day is out.

Alternatively, Porfan Metalwork may be able to offer a substitute mild steel material matching the design of the existing Cast Iron. After completion, the piece will be indistinct from the existing and this results in a far more durable metal that is more easily replaced and repaired. Works such as this may have longer than a one day turnaround.