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Just this week, the Director of Porfan Metalwork decided to test fire the powder coating oven in order to fine tune the conditions in the oven for optimising the curing time to make sure Porfan can minimise the lead time as much as possible.

Using a number of temperature sensors across the range and height of the oven, the Director, a mechanical engineer himself, would adjust the position and direction of the gas burner and circulation fan, until a minimum difference in temperature across the oven would be detected. When the temperature inside the oven is equal across it, the powder coated pieces will cure with the same time across it, which is especially beneficial with the bulkier and more lengthy fabrications as the lead time is greatly reduced since there is no need to wait for the temperature to equalise and cure the far side of the piece.

The powder coating oven is on target to be operational before the end of 2016.