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In Porfan, thanks to our many years experience in the field of metalwork and our team of Mechanical Engineers, Structural Engineers and Architects we have the ability to manufacture a huge variety of different products. Please take your time to look through our selected projects or dive straight into the type of metalwork solution you’re looking for.


Whether you desire automated or manual, concealing or decorative. Our bespoke gates are made to your specifications to deliver your needs.


From Stainless Steel to wood-clad mild steel and a balustrade to match, we have a vast catalogue of previous works for you to draw inspiration from.


From the simple to the extravagant to Commercial Stainless Steel, Porfan can render any balustrade design you wish so you can see it in place before we manufacture it.


From the domestic London standard, to the extravagent. Porfan Metalwork has experience manufacturing and installing railings across the London area.


Whether the property is a large domestic or a commercial property, Porfan can fit the fire escape to your specifications whether a spiral staircase or a straight flight.


Do you have something different that you wish us to construct? Porfan metalwork has constructed many unusual pieces for artists and designers in the past.